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We can help with your personal injury matters

Personal injuries can occur in a number of everyday situations. From slipping and falling on water that spills in the grocery store, to auto collisions, to bicyclists striking a car door that is carelessly opened, to being attacked by a dog that escapes an enclosed area. All of these can constitute a potential personal injury claim.

Our Process

We at the Law Office of Jonathan Louie fully appreciate and understand how disruptive an injury is to your way of life. Thus, to insure the highest quality of representation, we review all inquiries to develop a full appreciation for your injuries and the effect it has had upon you and your loved ones. Our office will aggressively pursue a resolution that best satisfies your interests.

Personal Injury Attorney in San Francisco, CA

Client Satisfaction

Recuperation from a severe injury can exact a damaging financial and emotional toll. The Law Office of Jonathan Louie can provide aggressive and compassionate representation throughout such a challenging time. If you feel that you have been the victim of wrongful conduct, please contact our office for a consultation.

If you’ve been personally injured by the negligence of someone else, contact us today.

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