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The Law Office of Jonathan Louie provides personalized attention and representation to personal injury victims, victims of wrongful workplace practices, and people with estate planning needs.

At the Law Office of Jonathan Louie, we provide experienced counsel to those who have been injured through the fault of a third party, suffered adverse employment action, and those who have a desire to preserve their assets and direct the disposition their assets at death.

Mr. Louie has years of experience representing a wide range of clients in San Francisco and across California. Contact us today to discuss your legal options and learn more about our services.

Estate Planning


Take control of your assets by preparing your estate with an accomplished estate planning attorney. No one will make decisions on your behalf with our help.

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Personal Injury


It’s important to act quickly and seek representation in regards to personal injury cases. With the Law Office of Jonathan Louie on your side, your needs are ensured to be met.

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Employment Litigation


If you have been harassed, discriminated against, or treated unjustly in the workplace, contact an experienced employment litigation attorney immediately to defend your rights.

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Contact us today to discuss your legal options and protect your rights.

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